Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Macross "Robotech" SDF-1 Part 3

Just a small update for today. I haven't been doing much work on this due to the death of a friend and memorials and such. Hopefully I'll get a good chunk done this coming week.

I got the bottom thrusters masked off and painted those black. I thought that the decals for the red stripes looked cheesy so I opted to paint them on instead.

I screwed up the spacing between the stripes on the two "Shoulders"; they do not match. I'm going to leave it, though. I would have to sand them down and start over completely and I just don't think its that crucial.

I did the same for the yellow stripes on the bottom thruster arrays. Because it was an afterthought (that I almost opted to skip) I had to do a lot of masking to make sure that I didn't't get any yellow overspray on anything else!

I don't know why, but at the time I thought it would be a good idea to leave the guns off and paint them separately. You can see one of the many uses for Silly Putty on the model bench; Holding small parts for painting. After the paint dries, you just ball the putty up and the paint flakes off. You can use it again and agin and it never dries out. Great stuff.

Doing it that way made sense for the ones that straddle a blue and white area but I should have had the the strictly blue and whites ones in place when I painted the body. The problem is that they came out whiter than the body of the ship. I am going to have to mask those off and hit them with a very light off-white/gray to try to tone them down.

After that, I will do the black wash for panels accents/weathering followed by some Dullcoat. Then the "legs" go on, then the "Arms" with the ships. After that I will need to figure out a display base.

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