Monday, March 27, 2017

Revell "Rogue One" Imperial Star Destroyer Finale

Well, its no longer a "Rougue One" Star Destroyer; It's now an "Empire Strikes Back" Star Destroyer!

I got it all buttoned up using the clips that I stole from my wife, mwah-ha-ha! Did a test to make sure it was all still working. No problems, wow.
Sometimes shit works out.

Finally got to the painting phase. Flat coat of white, sprayed on a little unevenly for some tone variation. Masked off a few panels here and there and hit them with a light gray for a bit more variation.

For the gloss coat I didn't want to use the Futurefloor wax method this time around. When using that method it takes forever for it to cure and I didn't want to wait a week. So I used Tamiya TS-79 Semi-Gloss Clear. I let that dry overnight before applying the wash. I started the wash phase with much trepidation. I can never shake the feeling that I am screwing up a perfectly good paint job. But it worked out just fine. Once that was all dry, I applied a final coat of Testor's Dull Coat and it all came together nicely.

And here it is! All done and on the asteroid base with the mini Millennium Falcon attached to the back of the tower. As always, it's not really done until it's in the red hutch!  See you on the next project, true believers!

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  1. So, this was the post I wanted to , um, post on..
    Let see if I can. I was wondering if this is a toy kit you modified, or simply a Revell "Rogue One" Imperial Star Destroyer model kit? Whichever it's pretty cool. I'd love to see a pic of your "red shelf with all your ships. I suppose there's one on your site somewhere?